North Dakota Certifies State's Newest Crash Prevention Program by Traffic Safety Consultants

BISMARCK, N.D. (permalink)– The North Dakota Highway Patrol and the Department of Transportation's Office of Traffic Safety have recently certified North Dakota's newest approved Crash Prevention Program,, providing a new alternative to North Dakota motorists who want to remove points from their driving records or obtain an insurance discount.

The new North Dakota Crash Prevention Course was created, designed, and produced by Traffic Safety Consultants, Inc. (TSC). With regional headquarters in Bismarck, N.D., the company for the past 33 years has been one of the nation's largest providers of traffic safety education. TSC has developed a variety of professionally-designed classroom and "home study" (Internet, booklet, and video-based) products, and offers them to drivers nationwide.

The program provides Internet-based instruction in defensive driving techniques and other safe-driving skills. North Dakota drivers who successfully complete the course may be able to use it to reduce fines or dismiss the ticket after receiving a traffic citation. Or, drivers may opt to use it to obtain a two-year reduction of 5% to their auto insurance premium rates.

In announcing, Lawrence Gentilucci, TSC's Director of Operations, remarked: "TSC strives to provide programs that are interesting, educational, and easy to use, and our online Crash Prevention Course is consistent with that theme." He noted that the whimsical, easy-to-read text is supplemented with informative photos, colorful charts and illustrations, and streaming video clips that engage the student and thoroughly explain the subject matter. Most importantly, he stressed, the online program is simple enough to navigate that even new Internet users can breeze through the course.

Gentilucci said prospective students can register for either course through TSC's website,, or by calling toll-free 1-800-503-3381.